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1 septembre 2010 3 01 /09 /septembre /2010 00:17
Crazy artist, anthropometry, ink, body

Crazy artist, anthropometry, ink, body





>When your words (and hands) are not able to traduce…
Need to merge with the material,
Being one with the paint,
Litteraly jump on the canvas to make your mark…
Pictural snapshot where you leave a bit of youself…</

Systa's anthropometry


On the canvas, my instinctive, impulsive unconscious is guiding the body to a random choregraphy.

On automatic mode, it projects matter on the canvas destroyed by lacerations, scratches, doodles, combustions, tears, miscellaneous erosions.

The way to do my paintings and collages seems at first like " Action Painting" (Rosenberg).

Moving motor is the melting of vital energy and psyché, but contrary to abstract expressionism, I let figuration merging from my relentlessness to fill the void canvas.

Abstract traces take shapes, as a Rorschach test (Psychodiagnostic).
Progressively controled move appears, linking lines and underlining these like a calligraphy. 
Are these outlines illusions from my mad mind or "real" random?

Collage makes the creation be three-dimensional, emancipating from the frame, going out of it... 
According to Arte Povera, the using of natural matters and recycling stuffs as shells, pine-nut, eggshell, rope, fabric, pearls... enriches artworks and creates the texturing, added to painting pate.
Susciting the want to touch, I try to make an interaction with the spectator; I left my prints and traces during my frenetic moves...

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